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As the term implies, supply chains are actually made up of a number of links that are connected to make a stronger chain or, in the case of business, a more profitable company. Unfortunately, many businesses looking to streamline their production and cut their costs by updating their supply chains leave out some of the critical links in the chain. When any link is not figured into the big picture, problems arise and the supply chain does not function smoothly.

Therefore the first part of making an effective supply chain is understanding the different links involved. The first of these links, software, is often the one most frequently ignored by businesses since it all begins with a great deal of careful planning. Because supply chains are complex and are important to the overall success of a company's operations, businesses must make sure that they know what resources are involved and know how to measure their system's effectiveness once it is in place. Part of the planning also involves selecting the individuals who will be in charge of setting up, implementing, and overseeing the supply chain system once it is ready.

After the planning stage, companies must choose the vendors and suppliers they want to work with on a continuing basis. These decisions cannot be taken lightly because these businesses serve an important role in the chain. Once these vendors are selected, the next step is the actual manufacturing of the goods. Supply chains come into play here as well because they help monitor the quality of the goods and overall productivity. Next, the finished materials must be delivered. Within the logistics link of the supply chain, warehouses are networked, transportation is coordinated, and invoices are created. Finally, businesses must ensure that their supply chain also includes a method for taking back goods that do not meet the expectations of buyers or that are defective. Without this step, customers may be unsatisfied and the overall supply chain simply isn't complete.

While all of these different elements may make it seem that supply chains are too complex to ever be effective, the reality is that managing them can be made easier with the right tools. Different software is available to help with each link of the supply chain, such as tracking inventory or managing logistics. This software not only makes it easier for businesses to put all of the pieces together and to keep the supply chain connected, it can also minimize problems because it reduces the risks of human error. Additionally, the software helps businesses communicate with their vendors and suppliers around the world more easily and more quickly. Plus, with the right amount of training, employees will find that the supply chain management (SCM) software simplifies their jobs. For all these reasons, more companies than ever have begun to adopt SCM software to help them manage the links in their supply chains.

Several software companies offer a number of software modules that can assist businesses with their specific SCM needs. Each module is designed to help with one particular link in the chain, such as warehouse management or supply chain event monitoring. While all of the modules are available individually, they can also be combined in many ways to help a company run their supply chain more efficiently. In addition, all of the modules can even be grouped together into one single, SCM program in order to automate and streamline the entire production process.

Solutions, such as those offered by Epiq, can dramatically improve the way businesses handle procurement, production, distribution, and even some aspects of customer service. Since in supply chain software, most of the parts designed to work together, businesses don't have to worry about overlapping features or about software conflicts, which can sometimes hamper supply chains which are managed by a number of separate software applications. In the end, companies who want to improve their supply chains should start by adopting software that makes it easier for them to manage all of the elements conveniently and effectively.

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