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Epiq's spend management software is the secret ingredient that allows users to unify spend management. Our platform can bring divergent systems under one umbrella to get a unified view of global spend.

unified spend management software for global management needs

“Epiq’s cloud-based spend management software platform can help you manage spend around the globe. The intuitive user interface and ERP integration makes it easy to accelerate adoption and streamline global operations in multiple countries.”

SaaS spend management software platform with unique capabilities

Built for the cloud

By connnecting to a spend management software platform with unique capabilities and Amazon and Facebook-like usability, you can gain better visibility into worldwide coporate spend. From purchase requests and e-invoicing to sourcing and vendor management, extended capabilities enable global operations to:

  • achieve greater accuracy in spend tracking and forecasting

  • set enterprise-wide key performance indicators (KPIs) for cost savings

  • enhance global agility with streamlined processes and digital supplier relationships

  • solve global adoption issues with digitized procurement and invoicing processes

Unify global spend

Streamine global control and visibility with one solution that can break down silos and enable unified spend visibility. Capture and manage global spend with compliance and complexity readiness:

compliant invoicing with Epiq’s SaaS spend management software platform


bring invoicing into compliance with global regulations

business spend management software to meet global audit requirements


conduct invoicing in compliance with global audit requirements

handle complex requirements with spend management software company Epiq Tech Software

Any complexity

handle multi-language, multi-currency, multi-ERP, multi-regulation, and multi-organization requirements

Govern and optimize worldwide corporate spend

  • efficient invoice processing with procurement spend management software
  • SaaS spend management software platform for optimization and analysis
  • enhanced supplier engagement with business spend management software company Epiq Tech Software
  • SaaS spend management software platform for budget controls
  • e-Invoicing

    Process invoices in an efficient, accurate and compliant manner

  • Procurement

    Analyze and optimize spend wherever it happens accross the globe

  • Sourcing

    Engage more strategically and realize purchasing power accross the globe

  • Controls

    Establish budget and stewardship controls to address CFO concerns about global operations

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