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Epiq's source-to-pay software delivers visibility and real-time collaboration with source-to-contract automation, better onboarding, up-to-date information and streamlined execution.

source-to-pay software for supply chain roles

“From cost savings to innovation and risk management, the source-to-contract and supplier management solutions can deliver what an experienced team needs to accomplish its objectives.”

end-to-end automation source-to-pay software

End-to-end software

Source-to-contract and supplier management with Amazon and Facebook-like usability enables your organization to:

  • achieve cost savings on goods and services

  • integrate suppliers into planning and execution with real-time collaboration

  • enhance visibility into inventory levels and supplier profiles

  • ensure best-practice continuous improvement in strategic alignment

Complete supply chain visibility

As companies and organizations of all sizes look for new ways to lower costs and optimize inventory, leading-edge supply chain organizations are taking a more strategic role to deliver business results, depending on source-to-contract and supplier management to:

solutions to manage the source-to-contract cycle

Entire cycle

Support product innovation by managing the entire source-to-contract cycle

reduce landed costs with seamless integration

Seamless integration

Reduce total landed costs by integrating seamlessly with ERP and material management systems

integrate suppliers to source-to-pay software from Epiq Tech Software

Planning and execution

Integrate suppliers into planning an execution with better onboarding and support

A unique solution for every supply chain role

  • reduce costs with source-to-contract tools from Epiq Tech Software
  • source-to-contract software for better collaboration
  • manage quality and risk better with source-to-contract software
  • Director of Sourcing

    Reduce the cost of goods sold and accelerate innovation with smart source-to-contract tools.

  • Director of Supply Chain

    Balance supply and demand with real-time supplier collaboration, better onboarding and complete visibility.

  • Director of Manufacturing

    Manage manufacturing quality and risk better with tightly integrated people, information and processes.

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