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Quick learning

Epiq's Source to Pay Training Services help ensure that our minimal or no training designs result in quick learning and adoption, enabling procurement teams to feel capable and effective with a bare minimum of effort.

get efficiency and results with souce-to-pay services

“Training services help to ensure that Epiq’s sleek interfaces lead to quick and easy adoption, a key to achieving real value and sustainable ROI.”

capabilities with source-to-pay training services

Source-to-pay capabilities

Source-to-Pay Training Services help guide digital procurement transformation to drive capability and effectiveness with:

  • a platform that is fully optimized for user experience

  • intuitive and user-friendly experience

  • intelligent easy-to-navigate interfaces

  • fully functional with a rewarding user experience

Familiarity and intuitiveness

Epiq’s system leverages the familiarity and intuitiveness of sleek, Amazon and Facebook-like interfaces, combined with source-to-pay training services for:

source-to-pay training services for quick learning

Quick learning

Quick learning curve so team feels capable and embraces the tools

minimal training with source-to-pay services


User-friendly design for bare minimum training

source-to-pay software and services for high performance

Harness functionality

Harness powerful functionality for high performance procurement

Optimized for quick learning and adoption

  • quick results with fun to use tools
  • better tracking with customizable procurement dashboards
  • enhanced speed with easy-to-use source-to-pay software
  • reduce routine tasks from work with quick adoption
  • Fun to use

    Attractive, fun to use tools are readily embraced, delivering quick results

  • Customizable

    Gain comprehensive tracking with interactive and customizable procurement dashboards

  • Free up time

    Boost speed across all source-to-pay activities

  • Automation

    Eliminate routine tasks from activity flows

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