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Epiq’s cloud-based spend management software platform helps procurement teams add value to and play a critical role in risk management processes. From analysis to assessment and mitigation, our platform provides powerful tools for key risk management activities.

better risk management with Epiq’s cloud-based spend management software platform

“Epiq’s cloud-based spend management software platform provides what a leading procurement team needs to conduct risk analysis during strategy development, assessment of the likely impact of the risks and planning to control and mitigate the risks.”

SaaS spend management software for enhanced risk management

Minimize risk

Leverage Epiq’s fully integrated spend management solution that helps you connect and collaborate in a simple, smart, and agile way to:

  • make informed decisions during supplier selection, qualification, and segmentation

  • make risk due diligence a natural part of the procurement process

  • prevent supply chain disruptions with a well-informed procurement team

  • gain a high degree of confidence that your supplier information is correct and up-to-date

Better decision making

With Epiq’s leading-edge supplier risk solution, you can make risk due diligence part of the procurement process and help your procurement team make better decisions with:

risk views and alerts with spend management software company Epiq Tech Software

Views and alerts

tailor risk views and alerts to your business, each supplier relationship and each team member role

business spend management software for supplier segmentation


segment suppliers based on your risk exposure to better match visibility needs

procurement spend management software to gain a complete view

Complete view

make more timely, context-driven and accurate decisions while improving collaboration

Supplier selection, qualification, and segmentation with due diligence

  • get alerts with the spend management software platform by Epiq Tech Software
  • tailor views with SaaS spend management software platform
  • access syndicated data with spend management software company Epiq Tech Software
  • business spend management software to conduct assessments
  • Monitoring and alerts

    Conduct continuous monitoring and get alerts to protect your business from reputational, compliance, financial and operational risk exposure

  • Single view

    Tailor a single, comprehensive view of key information, including the supplier’s profile, activities and risk profile.

  • Syndicated data

    Access syndicated data from hundreds of thousands of sources, including news sites, disaster systems and government data.

  • Ongoing assessment

    Conduct assessments and due diligence related to supplier relationships, engagement assessments and external data to estimate the likely impact of the risks.

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