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Accelerated cycles and adoption

Epiq's connected cloud for business spend streamlines processes in one easy-to-use system, accelerating cycles, adoption and time-to-value.

source-to-pay software to accelerate spend management

“Epiq’s cloud-based spend management software platform simplifies and automates processes, providing what an experienced team needs to accelerate and improve spend management effectiveness.”

shorten cycles with Epiq’s source-to-pay software

End-to-end software

Accelerated and optimized processes with Amazon and Facebook-like usability enables your organization to:

  • shorten sourcing cycles and create, competitive, best-value agreements

  • minimize approval cycles and capture early-payment discounts

  • accelerate buying with contract-based procurement catalogs

  • improve collaboration with scheduled reports and reusable templates

Accelerate and improve effectiveness

Investing in the right technology can make a real, measurable difference. Streamline processes and reduce cycle times with:

source-to-pay software to identify savings opportunities

Savings opportunities

streamlined savings opportunity identification

streamline sourcing cycles with source-to-pay software vendor Epiq Tech Software

Sourcing cycles

streamlined supplier identification, negotiation and award

source-to-pay automation to shorten buying cycles

Buying cycles

streamlined web shopping interface with contract-based catalogs

A unique solution to minimize time-to-benefit

  • source-to-pay suite: little or no training needed
  • high adoption with familiar source-to-pay software interfaces
  • best source-to-pay software to shorten transaction cycles
  • Little or No Training

    Begin using the platform quickly with little or no training.

  • High Adoption

    Consistent look and feel with Amazon and Facebook-like usability.

  • Shorter Transaction Cycles

    Enable users to respond to actionable email and notifications.

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