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Efficiency and compliance success

Epiq's source-to-pay software tools deliver lower process costs and improved compliance with enhanced adoption, flexibility and integrated systems.

source-to-pay software for electric utilities

“From streamlined buying processes to compliance and supplier success, the strategic procurement solutions can deliver what an experienced procurement team needs to accomplish its objectives.”

end-to-end source-to-pay automation for utilities

End-to-end software

Strategic procurement and spend optimization integrated, simplified an automated enables your organization to:

  • achieve cost savings on goods and services

  • improve stakeholder involvement with online collaboration

  • enhance visibility into spend accross the organization

  • ensure best-practice continuous improvement in strategic alignment

Greater efficiency

As electric utilities look for new ways to streamline processes and manage compliance, leading-edge procurement organizations are taking a more strategic role to deliver business results, depending on cloud-based spend management systems to:

boost efficiency with source-to-pay software by Epiq Tech Software

Operational efficiency

boost operational efficiency to cut unnecessary costs

source-to-pay software to gain control

Operational controls

gain operational controls to guard against maverick-spend and errors

supplier engagement with tools from source-to-pay software vendor Epiq Tech Software

Strategic engagement

meeting savings targets by engaging more strategically with suppliers

A unique solution for every electric utility procurement role

  • goal alignment with tools from source-to-pay software provider Epiq Tech Software
  • source-to-pay software for better onboarding and due diligence
  • simplify supplier management with source-to-pay software
  • choose the best source-to-pay software vendor Epiq Tech Software for quick adoption
  • CPO

    Transform procurement and align to company goals

  • Director of Procurement

    Streamline and simplify processes such as onboarding and due diligence

  • Head of Category Management

    Cleanse vendor master data and simplify supplier management.

  • Head of Procurement Shared Services

    Quick and easy adoption of procurement policies.

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