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J2EE Supply Software

Companies looking to purchase supplier relationship management software may seem dumbfounded when it comes to selecting the appropriate tools for their needs. However, one thing they should be looking for is software built on the J2EE platform. J2EE programs offer a multitude of benefits that may be missing from other software options. This article will seek to define J2EE software and will elaborate on some of the benefits of having J2EE software.

J2EE stands for Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition and essentially it is a collection of specifications and practices that can be used to develop and implement complex programs such as SRM software. With this type of platform, developers are able to build tools, which are more secure, more stable, and more rapidly developed than software developed using previously introduced standards. Using software that has been built using the J2EE platform usually also spells a lower cost for the buyer because the platform simplifies the program's creation and that allows the seller to pass at least some of those savings on to the consumer.

J2EE platform-based software has a number of other benefits as well. One is that the software is completely supported via the Internet because it works with XML and that it designed specifically with web-based applications in mind. This benefit means that SRM software based on J2EE will be easier to use and to implement with the Internet and other applications than other types of SRM tools.

Another major benefit is that J2EE based programs do not take as long to create as old legacy systems, but offer many significant benefits. The unique architecture of J2EE software allows rapid and effective customization and integration. Since the business logic is separated from the presentation layer, most integrators can easily customize things specifically for clients while they do not have to significantly change the business logic.

Businesses also prefer using J2EE based software because the J2EE specification is widely accepted in the developer community and is one of the leading business standards today. This means that they have more freedom to select a particular vendor or a certain flavor of program which they feel most comfortable working with and are not limited to only one company or one seller when making a selection. Moreover, the J2EE standards give businesses a certain level of comfort that the software that they using is new and that they will be able to get the information that they need out of the system with little trouble.

Finally, J2EE based software connects simplistically into the business's total technology system. Not only can it work well with almost any other applications and programs the business is currently running, but it can also make it easy for those applications to be used on cellular phones and on the Internet. For companies looking to expand and to think outside the traditional office space, J2EE based SRM tools could help them take their work on the road in the near future which could further reduce costs by reducing the need for office space and furniture.

Epiq's line of E-procurement products is J2EE based. One of the reasons they have chosen to base their program on this platform involves the platform&;s maturity. With something as important as SRM, companies cannot afford to test the waters by using untried technology to get the job done. They need software based on a platform that has been proven effective time after time. J2EE platforms have done just that. The standards and practices involved in the J2EE platform have been tested and proven effective in a wide variety of situations and industries, including some extremely critical instances where scalability and reliability were paramount. These reasons have made Epiq’s choice of J2EE ideal as the basis for Epiq's SRM software suites as well as the software of many other vendors in different industries.

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