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Process and visibility success

Epiq's source-to-pay software delivers accelerated processes and increased transparency with increased efficiency, automated approvals and streamlined workflows.

source-to-pay software for education

“From improved buying processes to better spend visibility, the cloud-based procurement sytem can deliver what administrators, executives and managers need for improved budget management and planning.”

end-to-end source-to-pay automation

End-to-end software

Strategic procurement and spend optimization with Amazon and Facebook-like usability enables your organization to:

  • achieve cost savings on goods and services

  • improve stakeholder involvement with online collaboration

  • enhance visibility into spend accross the organization

  • ensure best-practice continuous improvement in strategic alignment

Greater spend management unity

As private and public educational institutions look for new ways to manage classrooms and budgets, leading-edge groups are looking to unify spend management, depending on cutting-edge cloud-based procurement to:

source-to-pay software for effective buying

Effective buying

get faculty and staff what they need accross different locations

track spend with source-to-settle software from Epiq Tech Software

Tracking spend

keep track of spend accross departments and locations

boost efficiency with source-to-pay software

Operational efficiency

boost operational efficiency to cut unnecessary costs

A unique solution for every educational institution

  • improve rankings with source-to-pay software vendor Epiq Tech Software
  • source-to-pay software for streamlined processes
  • reduce overpayment with the best source-to-pay software provider Epiq Tech Software
  • Higher Education

    Transform procurement to improve rankings and better manage endowments.

  • For-Profit

    Streamline and simplify processes for rapid expansion and preserved flexibility.

  • K-12

    Direct factulty and staff to preferred vendors and contracts, thereby reducing overpayments.

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