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Build trust through transparency

Epiq's connected cloud for business spend supports strong supplier relationships with the kind of connections and visibility that foster open relationships and genuine partnerships.

source-to-pay software to work with any supplier or system

“The spend management software platform delivers what an experienced procurement team needs to work with any supplier and integrate with any system you would like.”

foster a spirit of openness with source-to-pay software by Epiq Tech Software

A spirit of openness

A system ready to integrate easily with one or more ERP’s, built with open architecture enabling your organization to:

  • streamline processes and speed up adoption

  • fully integrate, from financial to HR to inventory management

  • improve visibility into spend accross the organization

  • quickly generate savings, extending ROI and business objective success

Optimize end-to-end spend management

As large enterprises look for new ways to lower costs and compete, leading-edge procurement organizations are seeking to optimize end-to-end spend management with:

source-to-settle software for instant access to payment information

Stronger relationships

connected platform with instant access to payment information

gain flexibility with source-to-pay software vendor Epiq Tech Software

Flexibility to choose

gain flexibility to choose any supplier you want to connect with

source-to-pay software for digitized payment processes

Accuracy and speed

increased accuracy and speed with digitized payment processes

An open solution for strong relationships and deep visibility

  • transform and aligh procurement with Epiq’s unified source-to-pay suite
  • source-to-pay software with tools for holistic procure-to-pay processes
  • enhance adoption with source-to-pay software provider Epiq Tech Software
  • Unified Platform

    Transform procurement and align to company goals.

  • Holistic Processes

    Optimize spend with holistic procure-to-pay processes.

  • Procurement Control

    Solve adoption issues with an intuitive and familiar user interface.

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