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source-to-pay software for responsible suppy chain management

Responsible Supply Chain Management

Epiq is committed to helping companies look deeply into their supply chains. With transparency into the supply chain, companies can align strategies and operations to create opportunities for livelihoods, support families and build communities. Epiq has a mission to foster sustainable economies and help communities thrive. By providing transparency into the supply chain, Epiq can help companies look at suppliers – and at their suppliers and customers – with a degree of clarity that can improve working conditions of people who work for those suppliers.

Brand loyalty. Well-managed risk. Stronger performance.
Smarter, safer decisions. Smoother supply chain.
Align strategies and operations with universal principles and societal goals.
Support families and foster sustainable communities with sustainable sourcing.

Leveraging the power of Epiq’s cloud technology

With enhanced visibility, companies can better understand the real-time impact of procurement transactions, enabling them to positively impact labor conditions and basic human rights:

more sustainable decisions with Epiq’s source-to-pay software


make smarter, safer, more sustainable decisions before purchase

Epiq’s source-to-settle software for better due diligence

Due Diligence

make risk due diligence a natural part of the procurement process

source responsibly with source-to-pay software vendor Epiq Tech Software

Responsible Sourcing

foster economic stability with sustainable communities

Key reasons well-managed risk can boost performance

  • source-to-pay automation with tools for responsible sourcing
  • boost loyalty with tools from source-to-pay software provider Epiq Tech Software
  • use Epiq’s source-to-pay software to make informed buying decisions
  • implement responsible sourcing with source-to-settle software
  • Premiums

    65% of consumers are willing to pay more for brands known for responsible purchasing

  • Loyalty

    Consumers support companies that share their values and have open and visible purchasing practices

  • Less Disruptions

    Well-informed buying decisions can prevent supply chain disruptions

  • Sustainability

    Responsible sourcing fosters sustainable communities and stable supplier relationships

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