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Flexibility to achieve complete management

Epiq's connected cloud for business spend has the flexibility to consolidate and manage all spend-related activities, dramatically improving financial control and spending decisions.

source-to-pay software with flexibility for complete management

“Offering the flexibility to consolidate activities into an interconnected, end-to-end process, Epiq’s cloud-based spend management software platform has what a team needs to drive great value for the organization.”

source-to-pay software with flexibile management and visibility tools

Consolidate and optimize

Flexible management and visibility tools with Amazon and Facebook-like usability enables your organization to:

  • write and store contracts to facilitate compliance

  • guide employees to buy from preferred suppliers

  • optimize sourcing and receive better pricing from suppliers

  • eliminate exceptions and ensure compliance with invocie processing

Flexibility to optimize

Investing in the right technology can make a real, measurable difference. Generate savings that drop straight to the bottom line with:

customize templates and workflows with Epiq’s source-to-pay software

Optimize sourcing

customizable templates, workflows and flexible bidding

source-to-settle software for comprehensive supplier views

Supplier lifecycle and performance

360-degree view of reliable, up-to-date supplier data

boost working capital with source-to-pay payment management solutions

Supplier collaboration

manage payments to increase flow and capture discounts

Solutions with options for comprehensive management

  • best source-to-pay software for supplier qualification flexibility
  • holistic offer evaluations with source-to-pay software vendor Epiq Tech Software
  • source-to-pay software with tools for category optimization
  • Parameters

    Flexible parameter matrix for supplier qualification

  • Holistic

    Evaluate price and non-price elements of supplier offers

  • Categories

    Power to optimize complex categories across the enterprise

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