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Epiq's source-to-pay software suite is the secret ingredient that allows users to extend the value of an ERP currently in place. Our platform works with over 80 ERP systems. From purchase requests and e-invoicing to sourcing and vendor management, unique capabilities drive better financial decisions and capture savings.

source-to-pay software for ERP system integration success

“Epiq’s cloud-based spend management software platform can help you maximize the ROI of your ERP system. With virtually any ERP system, you can consolidate fragmented spend data and simplify spend management.”

source-to-pay software to enhance ERP system value

Built for the cloud

By connnecting to a spend management software platform with unique capabilities and Amazon and Facebook-like usability, you can maximize the benefits your ERP system. From purchase requests and e-invoicing to sourcing and vendor management, extended capabilities enable SAP, Oracle, Great Plains, custom-built ERP and other system customers to:

  • achieve cost savings on goods and services

  • mitigate risk with financial controls and approvals

  • enhance agility with streamlined processes and digital supplier relationships

  • solve adoption issues with digitized procurement and invoicing processes

Connection flexibility

Data can flow back and forth along securely mapped pathways through a single integration point. Epiq and virtually any ERP system are enriched with a seamless integration flexible enough to match:

source-to-settle software for virtually any ERP system connection

Any version

connect to virtually any version, including releases made available years ago

ERP integration flexibility with source-to-pay software vendor Epiq Tech Software

Any format

map any data format, including web services, structured file or flat file

source-to-pay software for complex ERP system integrations

Any complexity

simplify deep complexity with modern, easy-to-configure tools

Turbocharge your ERP with powerful new capabilities

  • source-to-pay software to extend ERP system invoicing
  • ERP system requisitioning with Epiq source-to-pay software
  • strategic supplier engagement with source-to-pay software by Epiq
  • the top source-to-pay software vendor for budgets and controls
  • e-Invoicing

    Process invoices in an efficient, accurate and timely manner

  • Procurement

    Prescripted buying suggestions to direct employees to preferred contracts and vendors

  • Sourcing

    Engage more strategically and realize purchasing power

  • Controls

    Establish budget and stewardship controls to address CFO concerns

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