Source to Pay Change Management Services

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Guided transformation

Epiq's Source to Pay Change Management Services helps procurement teams to guide digitalization to achieve supply management objectives, enabling procurement to play a more strategic part in overall corporate growth.

get enterprise value with souce-to-pay services

“Change management services enable an organization to integrate emerging digital technologies with strategic insight, delivering better performance and driving enterprise-wide value.”

return on investment with source-to-pay change management services

Source-to-pay change management

Source-to-Pay Change Management Services help guide digital procurement transformation to capture digital disruption opportunities, driving sustainable ROI with:

  • optimization services for enhanced operational efficiency

  • source-to-pay software to jumpstart digital procurement transformation

  • strategic sourcing plan blueprint for short-term gains while working on long-term goals

  • procurement strategy that aligns procurement with enterprise-wide business goals

Make the most of opportunities

Procurement transformation benefits from a system with sleek, Amazon and Facebook-like interfaces, combined with source-to-pay change management services for:

source-to-pay change management services for better strategy

Better strategy

Reorganization of procurement strategy for more success

better processes and systems with source-to-pay services

More agility

Rethinking of processes and support systems for more agility

source-to-pay software and services for high performance

Harness innovation

Harnessing powerful functionality for high performance procurement

Optimized for quick learning and adoption

  • quick action with deeper insight
  • gain visibility with source-to-pay services
  • boost compliance with enhanced agility
  • more available resources for better service
  • Action

    Take quick actions and make better decisions with deeper insight

  • Visibility

    Gain real-time visibility across source-to-pay activities

  • Compliance

    Boost compliance with enhanced process and support system agility

  • Service

    Enhaned service with better management of resources

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