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Epiq's partner ecosystem is designed with referral partnerhips to to resell, implement and support customers in the cloud—capabilities help customers acheive the best outcomes—to accelerate implementation and deliver sustainable ROI.

SaaS source-to-pay software for comprehensive spend management

“Resellers and value-added resellers (VARs) can deliver sales, implementation and support services to help ensure the best outcomes, a key element of the partner ecosystem that experienced procurement teams can leverage for project success.”

end-to-end functionality in one source-to-pay software platform

Combined offerings

A powerful means of marketing and selling solutions across a variety of industries, enabling your organization to meet unique business needs:

  • address a wide range of industry requirements

  • simplify processes for complex companies

  • unleash the power of partnership with collaboration

  • ensure best-practice continuous improvement in spend mangement

More adoption and value

As large enterprises look for new ways to lower costs and compete, leading-edge procurement organizations need a smart and easy-to-use spend management software platform to:

boost efficiency with source-to-pay software from Epiq Tech Software

Greater efficiency

leverage actionable email and notifications

the best source-to-pay software to ensure adoption

Ensure adoption

high adoption rates from a system users actually enjoy using

source-to-pay tools to bring more spend under management

Accelerate objectives

quickly bring more spend under management

Solutions with options for comprehensive management

  • best source-to-pay software for supplier qualification flexibility
  • holistic offer evaluations with source-to-pay software vendor Epiq Tech Software
  • source-to-pay software with tools for category optimization
  • Parameters

    Flexible parameter matrix for supplier qualification

  • Holistic

    Evaluate price and non-price elements of supplier offers

  • Categories

    Power to optimize complex categories across the enterprise

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