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Supplier collaboration and enablement success

Epiq's supplier management software platform helps to transform organizations beyond corporate borders and maximize the value of supplier relationships. With our platform, you can realize the power of a fully enabled supply base.

supplier management software for supplier relationship success

“From building transparency and trust to strengthening relationships and streamlining processes, Epiq’s cloud-based supplier management software platform can help you cross corporate borders to capture value.”

supplier management solutions to maximize your supply base

Maximize your supply base

Any format e-invoicing and self-service tools with Amazon and Facebook-like usability, enables suppliers to:

  • collaborate in ways that that works best for them

  • submit invoices in a wide variety of formats without joining a network

  • check payment and PO approval status in real-time

  • update catalogs and manage punchout sites with self-service tools

Build relationships, reduce risk and boost efficiency

With Epiq’s supplier collaboration and enablement, everyone succeeds and value is maximized accross corporate borders. Build relationships, bring more spend under management and streamline processes with:

supplier management solutions for electronic connections


electronically connect suppliers for document and information exchange with rapid and complete onboarding

access accurate product information with supplier management software


access accurate product and service information with self-service catalog and punchout site management

Epiq supplier management solutions for process streamlining


streamline processes with self-service tools for document acknowledgement, exchange and status inquiries

Solutions to connect and capture more value from relationships

  • better supplier connections with Epiq supplier management software
  • supplier management solutions to maximize supplier relationships
  • joint development of capabilities for customer and supplier
  • supplier relationships with transparency and trust
  • Connect

    Connect suppliers to exchange critical business documents such as purchase orders, invoices and other information

  • Value

    On-board suppliers with confidence you’re leveraging your supplier enablement process to maximize the value in your relationship

  • Extend

    Grow faster with joint development of capabilities for both the customer and supplier for the purposes of reduced cost, process improvements, and innovation in products or service

  • Transparency and trust

    Start relationships on the basis of transparency (e.g., more clear, two-way feedback), with the expectation that strong trust will follow

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