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Epiq's spend analysis software tools give both a detailed and holistic picture of how money is moving through your company. With our platform, you can identify sourcing opportunities and drill down into the details to get real insight.

spend analysis software for spend visibility success

“From cleansing and validation to classification and reporting, Epiq’s cloud-based spend analysis software platform can help you obtain accurate, actionable information, with granular, item-level visibility across the enterprise.”

full spend visibility with spend analysis software company Epiq Tech Software

Full spend visibility

Pattern and opportunity revealing spend analytics, combined with commodity management and strategic sourcing with Amazon and Facebook-like usability, enables your organization to:

  • negotiate globally with key suppliers

  • spot contract establishment savings opportunities

  • conduct targeted, accelerated and optimized strategic sourcing

  • achieve 80-100% spend under management

Expand your vision

With Epiq’s spend visibility, you can expand your vision of spend under management. Obtain comprehensive, enterprise-wide spend visibility with:

spend analysis software for in-depth reporting and intelligence


in-depth analytical reporting and business intelligence

track savings with spend analytics provider Epiq Tech Software


track savings with process streamlining tools

spend analytics tools for savings opportunity identification


spot savings opportunities with identification tools

Solutions to identify opportunities and get real insight

  • spend analytics solution to get a clear picture
  • comare category spend with spend analysis software by Epiq Tech Software
  • spend analysis software to track spend compliance
  • gain robust reporting with spend analytics provider Epiq Tech Software
  • Spend details

    Click through spend data charts to a sub-category level to get a clear picture

  • Compare function

    Compare category spend in each dimension to recognize savings opportunities

  • Compliance

    Track spend compliance with a high-level view of compliant, non-compliant and unmanaged spend

  • Robust reporting

    Share newfound insights with pre-defined reports and customized strategic reports

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