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Epiq's Adoption and Growth Services help ensure that procurement teams continue to drive spend management initiatives through our spend management software after go-live, resulting in sustainable ROI and maximum savings.

get quick adjustments with souce-to-pay services

“Adoption and growth services enable and experienced team to compare progress to goals, taking quick action as needed in the form of implementation changes or goal updates.”

update configurations with source-to-pay services

Source-to-pay success

Source-to-Pay Adoption and Growth Services help guide digital procurement transformation to stay on top of functionality and configuration with:

  • review of metrics and best practices

  • refresher training for focused functionality areas

  • release preparation training for new features

  • review of workflows and configurations as requirements change

Planning and tracking for success

Achieve more sustainable success and make milestones by combining source-to-pay software with adoption and growth services for:

source-to-pay success services for optimization roadmaps

Define milestones

Define spend optimization milestones on the path to success.

adoption planning for success with source-to-pay services

Plan review

Review adoption plan and track success metrics

source-to-pay software and services for success tracking

Criteria checks

Success criteria checks determine opportunities for change

Review and tweak for successful projects

  • servies for best-practices reviews
  • subject matter expertise for better configurations
  • review new releases to benefit from new feature
  • tweak implementations with configurations changes
  • Meet milestones

    Meet milestones with best-practices reviews to drive configuration improvements

  • Project success

    Leverage subject matter expertise for configuration changes and project success

  • Release readiness

    Maximize benefits from new features with new release reviews

  • Fine tuning

    Leverage expertise to fine tune implementations with configuration changes

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