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This page has features and expertise information on the procure-to-pay software tools and intelligence that drive superior purchasing results.

procure-to-pay software with the tools for procurement management

“From purchasing documents to invoicing and receiving, the procure-to-pay software tools and intelligence are what an experienced team really needs.”

Source requisitioning

Catalog self-service requisitions through a single order point (bundled with Epiq Procurement)

  • Purchase order creation from requisitions or from scratch (bundled with Epiq Procurement)

  • Standard requisition creation for direct and indirect goods (bundled with Epiq Procurement)

  • Requisition sourcing rules definition and audit trails to reduce off contract spend

Purchase orders and purchasing documents

Per line shipment schedules, delivery dates, delivery addresses, and status listings

automate cost assignment with procure-to-pay software from Epiq Tech Software

Cost assignment

Item cost assignment for account, department, business unit or project available per line item

procurement software for purchase order creation

Order creation

Blanket purchase orders, release orders, and limited value purchase order creation

purchasing document flexibility with procurement software by Epiq Tech Software

Purchasing document types

Custom purchasing document type settings to create additional purchasing documents

Invoicing and receiving

Three-way matching to check shipments and receipts with invoices and purchase orders

  • procurement solutions for notation and verification
  • automate receiving with e-procurement software from Epiq Tech Software
  • procure-to-pay software to streamline invoice verification
  • Notation and verification

    Note creation and verification of quantities ordered, shipped, received, and inspected

  • Receiving

    Receipt creation to document and record the results of the inspection process

  • Invoice verification

    Invoice checking to check amount billed against actual deliveries, receipts, and returns

Performance, visibility and support

  • Supply base and supplier performance
    • Supplier settings based pre-approved lists and rules for purchasing controls

    • Evaluation tools for assessment of supplier price, quality, and service performance

    • Vendor entry, approval, and tools to share vendor data across the organization

    • Multiple vendor address, locations, and classification codes for accurate matching

    procurement solutions to manage supplier performance
  • Visibility and dashboards
    • Analytics on purchase orders, receipts, vendor activity, and purchases

    • Easy to use workflow with reusable templates and clear, repeatable processes

    • Dashboards and views with configurable preferences and real-time notifications

    • Advanced user roles, privledges, and access controls for a collaborative framework

    enhanced visibility with the procure-to-pay solution by Epiq Tech Software
  • Expertise and support
    • Solution set up, deployment, and configuration to align with goals and policies

    • Purchasing training with best practices, purchasing documents, and rule definition

    • Schedules management, receiving support, distributions settings, and custom documents

    • Implementation support and accessible knowledge library to speed organizational adoption

    procurement software bundled with helpful expertise and support
  • Infrastructure
    • Industry leading, hosted solution created for web delivery with web services

    • Multi-channel technical and help desk support to assist buyers with purchasing

    • Secure architecture and hierarchy designed to protect users, documents, and data

    • Best-of-breed facilities, network, and equipment optimized for performance

    state-of-the-art infrastructure with purchasing software by Epiq Tech Software

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