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This page has information on how the procure-to-pay software tools and intelligence empower purchasing teams to drive business success.

procure-to-pay software for cost savings and policy compliance

“From cost savings and policy compliance to improved supply base management, the procure-to-pay software tools and intelligence empower an experienced team to accomplish its objectives.”

Achieve cost savings by streamlining procure-to-pay processes

Streamline procure to pay across all spend categories with closed loop process to realize savings.

  • Standardize documents and common purchasing tasks by leveraging standard and blanket purchase orders

  • Efficiently exchange information and define requirements, empowered by online buyer collaboration channels

  • Reduce off-contract, off-catalog pricing and buying with support for multiple and complex contracts

Drive policy and contract compliance

Identify and address policy deviations with compliance monitoring and management.

procure-to-pay software to reduce maverick purchases

Reduce maverick purchases

Reduce maverick purchases and unapproved buying by leveraging purchasing workflows & permission settings

manage approvals with procurement software by Epiq Tech Software

Check requests for approval

Check purchasing requests for spend approval, empowered by approval hierarchy creation and enforcement

purchasing software to reduce off-contract spend

Reduce off-contract spend

Dramatically reduce off-contract spend with requisition sourcing rules definition

Improve supply base management with control of supplier and item information

Track supplier deliveries vs orders and invoices with matching for shipments and receipts.

  • intelligent ordering with procure-to-pay software from Epiq Tech Software
  • procure-to-pay solution for a complete view of spend
  • centralize supplier data with procurement system by Epiq Tech Software
  • Intelligent ordering

    Create orders using latest item data and contract pricing by leveraging ordering from approved supplier catalogs

  • Achieve a complete view

    Achieve a complete view of goods and services spend, empowered by analytics on orders, receipts, and activity

  • Centralize supplier data

    Centralize supplier information and performance data with supplier data, performance, and catalogs

Continuous improvement and collaboration

  • Accelerate and improve effectiveness
  • Accelerate and improve purchasing effectiveness with best practice, repeatable processes

    procurement solutions to accelerate and improve purchasing
  • Capture measurements and lower costs
  • Capture measurements and lower purchasing costs by leveraging closed-loop, integrated processes

    measure and reduce costs with procure-to-pay software from Epiq Tech Software
  • Informed decisions
  • Make informed purchasing and contract decisions, empowered by performance tracking and review

    procure to pay software for enhanced decisions
  • Rapid adjustments
  • Execute adjustments for rapid improvement with corrective action tracking and alerting

    rapid adjustments with procurement software by Epiq Tech Software

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