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This page has features and expertise information on the tools and intelligence that drive superior contract management results.

contract management software with a robust contract repository

“From a robust contract repository to contract authoring and negotiation, the tools and intelligence are what an experienced team really needs.”

Standard contract process

Contract clause library with insertable clauses to leverage the value of previous work

  • Intuitive workflow for contract creation to uphold contract standards and key positions

  • Enforcement for required clauses and approvals to reduce risk and to minimize exposure

  • Document generation with configurable look, signatures, pricing, deliverables, and other terms

Collaborative authoring

Contract clauses and terms, deliverables, and appendices for purchasing agreements.

digital approval workflow with contract management systems by Epiq Tech Software

Approval workflow and justifications

Definable approval hierarchy, approvers, and non-standard language justifications

contract management solutions with templates and reusability

Templates and reusability

Reuseable templates, contract copying to use standard contract clauses and language

configure documents with contract lifecycle management software

Contract documents

Document configuration, set up, and type setting for standard and non-standard contracts

Contract negotiation

Online contract term negotiation, term and deliverable definition, approved fallback positions

  • contract tracking software to manage signatures and terms
  • craft new business relationships with contract management software from Epiq Tech Software
  • contract management system to automate amendment and revision
  • Signatures and centralized terms

    Signature requirements, centralized term library, and document version designation

  • New business relationships

    Existing contract renegotiation and amendment proposal to define a new business relationship

  • Amendment and revision

    Amendment request review and approval, revision histories, and previous revision details

Alerts, storage and visibility

  • Evaluation and performance
    • Alerts and notifications for key dates, events, and milestones outlined in the contract

    • Centralized contract storage area to track master agreements, changes, and milestone progress

    • Contract repository searchable by vendor, date, amendments, or other key information

    • Automated performance tracking, compliance monitoring, synchronization with execution data

    contract management solutions for performance tracking
  • Visibility and dashboards
    • Comprehensive reporting and analytics on contracts, version, and supplier performance

    • Intuitive workflow with reusable templates and defined, repeatable processes

    • Dashboards with configurable views, document settings, and contract event notifications

    • System and project roles to grant access based on groups, divisions, or contracts

    achieve high visibility with contract management software by Epiq Tech Software
  • Expertise and support
    • Solution set up, deployment, and configuration to ensure match with contracting goals

    • Buyer training with best practices, execution, and contract structure building

    • Version management and contract authoring support along with site management and set up

    • Implementation support, solution roll-out to speed company-wide adoption

    contract management systems bundled with expertise and support
  • Infrastructure
    • Hosted, industry leading solution optimized for internet delivery with web services

    • Multi-channel technical and help desk support to aid buyers with contracts

    • Secure architecture and hierachy designed to protect users, documents, and data

    • State-of-the-art facilities, network, and hardware set for optimal performance

    state-of-the-art infrastructure with contract management software from Epiq Tech Software

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