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This page has technical information on the cloud platform that drives superior contract management results.

contract management software in the cloud

“From easy adoption and scaling to next generation infrastructure and rapid innovation, the cloud platform is what an experienced team really needs.”

Platform adoption

Operations and maintenance cost-reducing complete cloud platform.

  • Convenient, implementation time-shortening cloud-based SaaS infrastructure

  • Upgrade cost-eliminating business-driven cloud-based architectures

  • Guesswork-preventing and budget-preserving predictable monthly cost model

Unique requirements and change

Enterprise user count and data scale-up and scale-down agility.

contract management software that preserves corporate branding

Corporate branding

Corporate branding and Internet presence look-and-feel carry-over

multi-language contract management system by Epiq Tech Software

Enterprise-ready internationalization

Enterprise-ready multi-locale, multi-language and multi-currency internationalization

contract management solutions with good flexibility

Business process-driven flexibility

Business process-driven display, permissions and content flexibility

Technological advancement

Next generation infrastructure, simplified delivery, and rapid pace of innovation.

  • contract management software with rapid feature development
  • rapid release cycles with contract management system from Epiq Tech Software
  • contract lifecycle management software with resource-saving deployment
  • New features

    Process bottleneck-preventing agile development and new feature delivery

  • Rapid development Cycles

    Rapid development cycles and streamlined release processes

  • Resource-saving deployment

    Full-featured enterprise applications deployment without additional IT resources

Short time frames and data visibility

  • Tight deployment time-to-live
    • Rapid provisioning with minimal management effort or service provider interaction

    • Quick cloud-based delivery with integrated best practices and fast time to value

    quick deployment with contract management software by Epiq Tech Software
  • Short adoption time frames
    • Standardized deployment of solutions mapped to the needs of subsidiaries

    • Streamlined access to business information and systems — on any workstation

    rapid adoption contract management solutions
  • Enhanced data access
    • Pre-built integration scenarios for data extraction and clear unobstructed views

    • Collections of qualitative and quantitative information grouped for easy observation

    enhanced data access contract management systems from Epiq Tech Software
  • Improved visibility
    • Configurable insight interfaces to filter data and provide required visibility

    • Industry-leading business intelligence and in-memory computing

    contract lifecycle management software for improved visibility

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