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This page has information on how the tools and intelligence empower contract management teams to drive business success.

contract management software to maximize contract value

“From maximizing contract value to driving contract compliance and cutting cycle time, the tools and intelligence empower an experienced team to accomplish its objectives.”

Maximize contract value by optimizing usage and performance

Lower risk and minimize overall contract exposure with required clause and term enforcement.

  • Reduce off-contract, off-catalog pricing and buying by leveraging support for multiple and complex contracts

  • Efficiently exchange information and define requirements, empowered by online supplier collaboration channel

  • Track performance to ensure match with contract with performance and execution synchronization

Drive contract compliance through enhanced visibility and control

Review exceptions to use of approved terms with contract compliance monitoring tools.

contract management systems with approval workflow design and management

Approval workflow design and management

Design and manage approval workflows by leveraging agreement approval hierarchy settings

easy-to-use contract management software by Epiq Tech Software

Easy review of contract history

Collect contract history and versions for review, empowered by contract versions and audit trail reports

contract lifecycle management software for rapid problem response

Rapid problem response

Respond rapidly to problems with corrective measures with event alerts, notifications, and tracking

Cut contract cycle time with streamlined processes

Efficiently and accurately negotiate with suppliers with online negotiation for terms and pricing

  • approved and standardized terms with contract management solutions from Epiq Tech Software
  • reuse previous contract work with contract management system
  • reduce cycle times with contract lifecycle management solution
  • Access approved and standardized terms

    Leverage approved contract terms to create agreements by leveraging standard contract terms repository

  • Reuse previous contract work

    Realize additional value on previous contract work, empowered by standard contract templates and approved

  • Reduce negotiation and cycle times

    Reduce the contract negotiation and cycle times with approved fallback positions and amendments

Continuous improvement and collaboration in contract management

  • Contract template reuse
  • Copy existing agreements to quickly create new ones with with reusable contract templates

    use contract templates with contract management software by Epiq Tech Software
  • Easily generate multiple contract types
  • Generate standard and non standard contract documents by leveraging document set up and configuration

    generate multiple contract types with contract management solution
  • Enhanced decision making
  • Make good decisions with contract and performance data, empowered by performance tracking and review

    enhance decisions with contract management system from Epiq Tech Software
  • Quick corrective action
  • Take corrective action to quickly eliminate problems with alerts and key event notification

    take quick corrective actions with contract lifecycle management software

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