invest in enterprise application integration by Epiq Tech

Enterprise Application Integration

EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) has become one of the most popular new trends in business streamlining or in business consulting. Essentially, EAI is the process that connects multiple applications so that they can work together in order to accomplish business tasks.

necessity of customer relationship management by Epiq Tech

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has been around for a long time, and it has gone through a number of evolutions as a result of changes in the economy and the business mindset. Today, CRM has gone through yet enough of those evolutions

using distribution software to add services by Epiq Tech

Distribution Software

A great deal of discussion regarding the roles of vendors in supply chain management involves two areas: ways to lower costs to remain competitive and ways to add valuable services that give a vendor a competitive advantage. The reality is that most suppliers cannot go any lower on their prices and still remain in business.

the future of enterprise information portals by Epiq Tech

Enterprise Information Portal

Back when the Internet was first becoming popular with the public in the late 90's, the concept of the portal was being born. Originally, portals were used by large Internet and media companies as gateways to information. The idea was that offering a single entrance to users for news,

logistics software

Logistics Software

More companies are finding that logistics software can help them streamline many of their processes and can help their production cycle run more smoothly. Logistics software essentially is a program designed to help businesses manage the multitude of elements that go into the production process,

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Utility Software

Utility Industry

The utility industry is currently undergoing a significant structural transformation. More competitive markets, government regulation, and business opportunities are driving many of these changes.

enterprise resource planning optimizes business by Epiq Tech

Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software may be an acronym businesses and the media throw frequently throw around. However, most people really are not clear about what it stands for or what ERP software is meant to do for a company.