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This page has information on how the procurement software tools and intelligence empower requisition management teams to drive business success.

procurement software to cut costs and drive compliance

“From cutting requisition transaction costs to preventing maverick spend, the procurement software tools and intelligence empower an experienced team to accomplish its objectives.”

Cut procurement transaction costs

Quickly locate savings opportunities with requisition visibility and analytics.

  • Streamline requisition submission, review, and processing by leveraging intuitive self service requisitions

  • Reduce administrative costs and improve communication, empowered by order tracking and web status displays

  • Standardize requisition, approval, and order generation with reusable templates and processes

Drive policy and contract compliance

Identify and address policy noncompliance with organizational audit trail reports

procurement software to manage approval processes

Establish and manage approvals

Establish and manage approval processes by leveraging easily definable approval lists

full analytics with procurement system by Epiq Tech Software

Evaluate procurement trends

Evaluate procurement trends and successes, empowered by full procurement analytics and dashboards

e-procurement software for rapid corrective measures

Rapid corrective measures

Respond by quickly taking corrective measures with alerts, notifications, tracking, and updates

Realize supplier agreement value by preventing maverick buying

Reduce off-contract, off-catalog pricing and buying with supplier catalog, item, and pricing

  • e-requisition systems with supplier self-service
  • catalog management with procurement solutions from Epiq Tech Software
  • material requisition system with policy-driven requisitioning
  • Supplier self-service

    Allow suppliers to access and maintain information by leveraging self-service supplier web portal

  • Ensure contract correspondence

    Ensure supplier catalogs correspond to contracts, empowered by catalog management and classification

  • Policy-driven requisitioning

    Enable controlled, policy-driven employee requisitioning with self-service requisitioning venue

Continuous improvement and collaboration in procurement

  • Streamlined requisition creation
  • Streamline finding products and requisition checkout with product searches, saved lists, & item display

    streamline requisitions with procurement software by Epiq Tech Software
  • Closed-loop requisitioning
  • Create and approve requisitions from supplier products by leveraging closed-loop, streamlined processes

    procurement systems with closed-loop requisitioning
  • Enhanced decision-making
  • Execute quick, accurate, and informed buying decisions, empowered by performance tracking and supplier review

    procurement solutions to enhance decision-making
  • Cleansed supplier catalog data
  • Classify and clean supplier data for contract compliance with catalog taxonomy and publication tools

    cleanse supplier catalog data with e-requisition systems by Epiq Tech Software

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