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This page has features and expertise information on the e-sourcing tools and intelligence that drive superior sourcing results.

sourcing solutions with tools and intelligence for experienced teams

“From supplier qualification to negotiation and awarding, the sourcing solutions are what an experienced team really needs.”

Supplier identification and list management

Objective-driven visibility for need recognition and prioritization

  • Category management and spend analytics for purchasing target creation

  • Prospective supplier discovery, self registration, and classification

  • Approved and new vendor list management across multiple spend categories

Supplier qualification and information solicitation projects

RFI, RFP, and survey creation tools for direct, indirect, and service categories. Sourcing templates to save event techniques, knowledge, and structure for future use.

manage supplier invitations and events with sourcing solutions from Epiq Tech Software

Supplier invitation

Supplier invitation and event management tools for supplier qualification

e-sourcing software for solicitation creation and response

Solicitation and response

Intuitive information solicitation creation and response submission interfaces

maximize project collaboration with e-sourcing software by Epiq Tech Software

Project roles

Sourcing project roles to maximize project collaboration and share knowledge

Supplier negotiation and bid solicitation projects

Multiple RFX negotiation types and pricing formats for sourcing events. Hierarchical line item structure, sealed bid, time-based pricing, and multi-round negotiations.

  • strategic sourcing software to manage live event participation
  • achieve structued collaboration with reverse auction software from Epiq Tech Software
  • strategice sourcing software to enable holistic negotiations
  • Live event participation

    Intuitive event creation and bid interfaces, real-time analytics, and supplier messaging

  • Structured collaboration

    RFX Event set up, review, and scoring roles for structured collaboration

  • Holistic negotiations

    Multi-parameter, multi-format, multi-line, and non-price factor negotiations

Grading, awarding and post-award

  • Supplier selection or awarding
    • Side-by-side, line-by-line comparisons and multiparameter scoring for bid analysis

    • Team-based, collaborative scoring and judging or automated scoring

    • Advanced, constraint-based analysis, scenario builder, and award proposal

    • Award by line item, award by response / bid, or automatic awarding

    streamline supplier selection and awarding with sourcing solutions
  • Post-award
    • Clear audit trails, archiving, and search tools for completed sourcing events

    • Graphical event summaries and breakouts for ongoing evaluation and improvement

    • Information collection and feedback tools to collect supplier performance data

    • Supplier scorecard and searchable KPI library (when bundled with Epiq Supplier)

    manage post-award using e-sourcing software by Epiq Tech Software
  • Visibility and dashboards
    • Comprehensive reporting and analysis on sourcing events, trends, and suppliers

    • Intuitive workflow with reusable templates and defined, repeatable processes

    • Event dashboards with configurable views, alerts, and real-time notifications

    • System roles to grant access based on buyer groups, locations, or organizations

    eSourcing software equipped with visibility and dashboards
  • Expertise and support
    • Solution set up, deployment, and configuration to ensure match with sourcing goals

    • Buyer training with best practices, execution, and optimal event structuring

    • Event day management, sourcing desk support, and site administration and set up

    • Implementation support, solution roll-out to maximize organizational adoption

    expertise and support for sourcing solutions
  • Infrastructure
    • Hosted, best-of-breed solution designed for internet delivery with web services

    • Multi-channel technical and help desk support to aid buyers and sourcing events

    • Secure architecture and structure designed to protect people, events, and data

    • Industry standard facilities, network, and equipment for optimal performance

    strategic sourcing software from Epiq Tech Software delivered on secure infrastructure

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