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This page has information on how the tools and intelligence empower sourcing teams to drive business success.

e-sourcing software for achieving cost savings

“From achieving cost savings to driving best-value negotiation, the tools and intelligence empower an experienced team to accomplish its objectives.”

Achieve cost savings on goods and services

Immediately spot savings opportunities with optimization and decision support tools.

  • Conduct accelerated and optimized strategic sourcing by leveraging web-based sourcing projects & negotiation

  • Efficiently exchange information and define requirements, empowered by an online supplier collaboration channel

  • Reduce off-contract, off-catalog pricing and buying with support for multiple and complex contracts

Drive accelerated, best-value, best-supplier negotiation

Identify and address policy noncompliance with compliance monitoring and management.

manage sourcing approval workflows with e-sourcing software

Managed workflows

Design and manage approval workflows by leveraging advanced approval workflows & permissions

prepare for reviews and audits with strategic sourcing software from Epiq Tech Software

Review and audit preparedness

Maintain preparedness for reviews and audits, empowered by project and document audit trail reports

eSourcing software to take rapid corrective measures

Rapid corrective measures

Take rapid corrective measures with alerts, notifications, tracking and linking

Improve stakeholder involvement with online collaboration

Efficiently assess and select suppliers with complete sourcing project management.

  • enable supplier self-service with e-sourcing software by Epiq Tech Software
  • e-sourcing platform to boost staff efficiency
  • enable policy-driven requisitioning with sourcing software from Epiq Tech Software
  • Supplier self-service

    Allow suppliers to access and maintain information by leveraging a web-based, self-service supplier portal

  • Boost efficiency

    Refocus staff time according to objectives, empowered by end-to-end source-to-pay automation

  • Policy-driven requisitioning

    Enable controlled, policy-driven employee requisitioning with a self-service requisitioning venue

Continuous improvement and collaboration in strategic sourcing

  • Best practice templates
  • Accelerate and improve sourcing effectiveness with best practice sourcing templates

    strategic sourcing software with best practice templates
  • Knowledge and measurement capture
  • Capture knowledge and measurements for improvement by leveraging closed-loop, integrated processes

    gain helpful knowledge with e-sourcing software from Epiq Tech Software
  • Informed sourcing decisions
  • Execute informed sourcing and supplier decisions, empowered by performance tracking and review

    sourcing software for informed sourcing decisions
  • Rapid adjustments
  • Make rapid improvement adjustments with corrective action tracking and alerts

    make rapid adjustments with e-sourcing software by Epiq Tech Software

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