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E-Procurement Software

Trends in E-Procurement

As the current economic climate rebounds, more companies are starting to expand their involvement with electronic purchasing systems. This continues a trend that was seen in the late 1990s and 2000, but which has slowed considerably over the past three years as IT spending slowed to a trickle.

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A New Technique for Success

Purchasing the goods and services a company needs to be successful can be challenging. However, one technique can help simplify the process in many instances. This technique, called the reverse auction, allows buyers to initiate the proceedings and to choose from interested suppliers not just on the basis of price but on whatever specifications they feel are most important to their needs.

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Purchase Order Software

Purchase Order Software


All businesses have used traditional purchase orders at one time or another. After all, they do serve a valuable purpose: they help companies track purchases and prevent unapproved purchases. However, completing and managing hundreds of purchase orders can become difficult even for the most organized business department.

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E-Procurement Systems

A Simple Definition of E-Procurement Systems

E-procurement systems, applications designed to allow businesses use the Internet in order to acquire the necessary goods and services, are not all created equal. The term itself is quite broad and actually includes several varieties of applications. Part of a successful implementation involves choosing the appropriate application.

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Requisition Software

Requisition software is actually a special set of applications which can be used in concert to help facilitate a company’s process for managing their purchasing activities.

An integrated requisition system helps improve communication between buyers

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Introduction to the Case for Requisition Software

Imagine being able to save as much as 50% on the purchase of computer equipment, office supplies, and other expenses that companies require to run smoothly and efficiently. Well, the reality is that many companies can save that much simply by using MRO or Requisition Software.

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What is E-Procurement?

E-Procurement is more than just a system for making purchases online. Companies and their business processes can connect directly with suppliers while managing all interactions between them. This includes management of correspondence, bids, questions, pricing, contracts and innovations.

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E-Procurement II

Since the late 1990's and the Internet boom, the promise of e-procurement as a way of saving companies as much as 60% on their bottom line has been much discussed but rarely achieved. However, most companies can see results that live up to those expectations if they use specific implementation strategies

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E-Procurement Solution Strategies

Potential Pitfalls Associated with E-Procurement

Magazine articles and white papers are filled with optimistic estimates of how much money organizations will save by migrating to electronic procurement systems for all of their purchasing. However, many of these estimates fail to take into account the total cost of adapting these systems,

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E-Procurement Solution Strategies II

E-procurement has many benefits for companies when the systems are implemented properly. However, not all companies fully receive these benefits because they end up falling into some common pitfalls that end up making their system work less effectively than it optimally could work. Unfortunately, for most of these companies,

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Electronic Procurement

Electronic Procurement (also known as e-procurement) is a way of using the Internet to make it easier, faster, and less expensive for businesses to purchase the goods and services they require.

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E-Procurement Trends

Reverse auctions are one of the most prominent trends in procurement today. While this approach to finding suppliers simply wasn't feasible a decade ago, today it has allowed both businesses and vendors to reap some significant benefits. In a reverse auction, the buyer creates a listing of the company’s specific project needs. For example, if the company needs to purchase spools of wire from a supplier, then the company would detail the exact specifications and quantity of the wire they required.

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Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) often describes a broad set of applications that assist companies in running efficiently and effectively by helping them do everything from track orders to purchase parts to provide customer service. In the late 1990's, ERP projects received a bad reputation because many of them were extremely costly were not well thought out.

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E-Procurement – RFQ

During the procurement process, most people are familiar with the acronym RFP, which stands for Request for Proposal. As anyone in purchasing knows, RFPs are created by businesses and sent to vendors in order to get a full quote on a project. Generally, the RFP contains the price, as well as any other important details that the businesses might need to consider during the review process.

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In many business circles, the word procurement gets tossed around a great deal. However, many people simply don't fully understand what the term means or how it can be carried out efficiently and effectively in the Internet age.

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Government Procurement

Just as businesses must purchase the goods and services they need to keep their plants running and their customers satisfied, so must governments. However, there are some key differences between the ways governments and businesses obtain these items. First, all government procurement must be done within a strict code of laws and rules.

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Procurement Glossary

Understanding procurement begins with an understanding of the terms associated with it. Procurement refers not just to activities done by the purchasing department. The term also includes work done in inventory, shipping, receiving, and a number of other departments, which are in charge of dealing with the goods that come into and go out of a company.