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This page has information on how the supplier management software tools and intelligence empower supplier management teams to drive business success.

supplier management software for qualification and connection

“From supply base qualification and connection to streamlined supplier-facing processes, the supplier management software tools and intelligence empower an experienced team to accomplish its objectives.”

Gain a qualified, connected and continuously assessed supply base

Monitor risk and quantity chance of poor performance with risk scoring and status tracking.

  • Set performance indicators to measure supplier execution by leveraging predefined and configurable KPIs

  • Customize supplier scorecards to meet business needs, empowered by scorecarding and flexibile ratings

  • Review, asset, and correct supplier execution with supplier execution review tools

Drive information sharing and collaboration

Obtain a supplier rating from many perspectives with cross organization supplier assessment.

supplier management solutions with collaborative measurement

Share performance measures

Share performance measures, assessments, and targets by leveraging collaborative measurement definition tools

comprehensive reporting with supplier management software by Epiq Tech Software

Review performance and metrics

Review performance, supplier, and metrics data, empowered by comprehensive reporting and metrics

supplier performance management solution with permissions controls

Grant access based on parameters

Grant access based on buyer groups or organizations with system roles, permissions, and access

Streamline supplier-facing processes and supplier maintenance

Apprise suppliers of key events and performance metrics with supplier notifications and alerts.

  • supplier performance management software with supplier self-service
  • supplier responses with supplier management system from Epiq Tech Software
  • supplier management software to enable suppliers to submit invoices
  • Allow suppliers to manage information

    Allows suppliers to access and maintain information by leveraging self-service supplier web portal

  • Empower suppliers to respond

    Empower suppliers to respond to requests and data, empowered by supplier response and review

  • Allow suppliers to review and submit

    Let suppliers review orders and submit invoices with supplier view of payment data

Ensure best-practice continuous improvement in supplier relations and performance

  • Improve sourcing effectiveness
  • Accelerate and improve sourcing effectiveness with reusable, standardized rating templates

    supplier performance management solutions with powerful templates
  • Collect measurements and trends
  • Collect measurements and trends for improvement by leveraging full cycle, integrated processes

    collect measurements with supplier management system by Epiq Tech Software
  • Enhanced decision-making
  • Execute best practice buying and supplier decisions, empowered by performance tracking and planning

    enhanced decisions with supplier management software from Epiq Tech Software
  • Quickly respond to problems
  • Take steps to quickly respond to problems and anomalies with corrective action tracking and alerts

    supplier performance management software to quickly respond to problems

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