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This page has information on how the tools and intelligence empower investment recovery teams to drive business success.

investment recovery software to boost divestment and accelerate time-to-recovery

“From boosting divestment revenues to accelerating time-to-recovery, the tools and intelligence empower an experienced team to accomplish its objectives.”

Boost divestment revenues and increase value

Obtain best prices through competitive bidding with online auction asset sales and bidding.

  • Communicate product specifications and conditions by leveraging configurable asset display parameters

  • Match assets with optimal sales strategies, empowered by catalog, sealed bid, and consignment sales

  • Quickly arrange internal asset transfers with streamlined redeployment request process

Drive operational and regulatory compliance

Track assets through all stages of the lifecycle with location-based reporting of assets & people.

investment recovery system to archive records of sales

Archive records of sales

Archive records of sales and redeployments by leveraging asset transfer & asset sale records & logs

maintain readiness with investment recovery solutions by Epiq Tech Software

Maintain readiness for reviews

Maintain readiness for reviews and audits, empowered by comprehensive analytics & audit trails

investment recovery management software to enable rapid corrective measures

Take rapid corrective measures

Take rapid corrective measures with alerts, notifications, tracking and linking

Improve collaboration and accelerate time-to-recovery

Grant access based on location or department with system roles & permissions to grant access.

  • investment recovery software to enable vendor self-service
  • build contact lists with asset recovery software from Epiq Tech Software
  • investment recovery solutions to quickly publicize assets
  • Allow vendor self-service

    Allow buyers to access and maintain information by leveraging web-based, self-service recovery portal

  • Build contact lists

    Build extensive, self-updating contact lists, empowered by public and private contact list management

  • Quickly publicize assets

    Quickly publicize assets to a large pool of buyers with redeployment and divestment notifications

Continuous improvement and collaboration

  • Accelerate and improve effectiveness
  • Accelerate and improve recovery effectiveness with reusable investment recovery templates

    accelerate asset recovery with investment recovery software by Epiq Tech Software
  • Build expertise and benchmarks
  • Build expertise and benchmarks for improvement by leveraging comprehensive, integrated processes

    investment recovery system to build expertise and benchmarks
  • Informed divestment decisions
  • Execute informed divestment and disposal decisions, empowered by performance tracking and review

    enhanced divestment decisions with asset recovery solution from Epiq Tech Software
  • Rapid improvement adjustments
  • Rapidly make improvement adjustments with event analytics and sales tools

    investment recovery management software for rapid adjustments

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