Supplier Management — Overview

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Enablement and assessment success

Epiq Supplier Management online enablement and assessment supplier management softare tools and intelligence to increase supply base value and performance.

supplier management solutions to empower an experienced team

“From supply base qualification and connection to streamlined supplier-facing processes, the supplier management solutions empower an experienced team to accomplish its objectives.”

End-to-end software

Supplier enablement and performance management integrated, simplified an automated enables your organization to:

  • gain a qualified, connected and continuously assessed supply base

  • drive information sharing and collaboration

  • streamline supplier-facing processes and supplier maintenance

  • ensure best-practice continuous improvement in supplier performance and management

Manage suppliers strategically

As the forces of globalization, regulation and inflation make success more challenging than ever, companies and organizations of all sizes must manage suppliers strategically to:

supplier management software to qualify a supply base

Supply base qualification

build and sustain a qualified supply base

improve your supply base with supplier management solutions from Epiq Tech Software

Supply base improvement

continuously improve a global supply base

supplier management systems for closed-loop processes

Supplier-facing processes

prevent errors and risks with streamlined, closed-loop supplier-facing processes

A unique solution built upon a unified platform

  • focused and flexible supplier performance management software
  • comprehensive supplier management solutions
  • supplier management system built on an integrated and modular platform
  • Focus and flexibility

    Avoid the pitfalls of slow-moving, unfocused ERP vendors

  • Comprehensive functionality

    Set apart from hype-driven, narrow niche vendors

  • Integrated and modular

    Solution built upon a tightly integrated, yet modularly adopted platform

Comprehensive and flexible with quick time-to-benefit

  • Fast
  • Quicker results, delivered by faster deployment and adoption. Free from complex implementation, intuitive, and supported by a group of procurement experts, Epiq's supplier management solution is rapidly adopted.

    fast delivery of supplier relationship management software
  • Agile
  • New levels of adoption choice with deployment and payment options. Epiq Supplier provides configuration and branding options, delivered either as a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) package or as a rapid-deploy application.

    flexible delivery of supplier management solutions
  • Sustainable
  • Without the costs and strains of complex installation and maintenance and packed with advanced functionality to automate complex supplier management processes, Epiq's solution is enhanced by interactive training, prioritized support, expert services and streamlined integration.

    sustainable supplier management software
  • Comprehensive
  • End-to-end, integrated functionality and expertise to support the needs of the most sophisticated buying organizations. Epiq Supplier, bundled with Epiq Sourcing, covers the full sourcing and supplier life cycle from strategy development and supplier identification to supplier information or bid solicitation (RFX, RFI, RFP, RFQ, Reverse Auctions, Surveys etc.), award, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

    comprehensive, end-to-end supplier management solution

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