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Leverage Manage
  • Idle asset entry by both recovery personnel and field personnel to leverage resources
  • Approval for assets entered by field personnel along with notifications of new assets
  • Multiple asset parameters, descriptions, characterists, conditions, codes, and images
  • Comprehensive location and organization support, idle asset tracking, management, and status
Idle asset identification venue
  • Employee accessible, password protected, easy to use venue for redeployment activities
  • Intuitive categorization, browsing, locating and advanced search for redeployment items
  • Streamlined redeployment request process, new request alerts, and request review
  • Configurable notifications and accounting routing control to correctly record the asset transfer
Internal asset redployment venue
  • Online auction divestment with immediate price discovery, notifications, and bidder ranking
  • Sealed bid, catalog sale, and consignment to maximize asset value and bottom line impact
  • Intuitive asset display with conditions, specifications, classifications, and certifications
  • Order creation and tracking for scrapped, donated, auctioned, sold, and redeployed assets
Asset divestment venues
  • User sign up, selection, and updating of user asset notification preferences and account settings
  • Public and private contact lists, powerful contact sorting, and list building tools
  • Asset broadcasts with pictures, terms and conditions, comprehensive asset lists, and pricing
  • Redeployment and divistment notifications for distribution to a contact list or targeted group
Asset marketing and promotion
  • Comprehensive reporting and analysis on divestment events, redeployments, trends, and buyers
  • Intuitive workflow with reusable templates and structured, repeatable processes
  • Oragnization and location-based reporting for inventory, orders, invoices, and contacts
  • System roles to grant access based on functions, groups, locations, or organizations
Visibility and reporting
  • Solution set up, deployment, and configuration to align with surplus and recovery goals
  • User training with best practices, reployment techniques, and auction event structuring
  • Event day management, recovery desk support, knowledge base, site administration and set up
  • Implementation support and solution roll-out to maximize organizational adoption
Expertise and Support
  • Hosted, best-of-breed solution designed for internet delivery with web services
  • Multi-channel technical and help desk support to aid recovery personnel and divestment events
  • Secure architecture and hierarchy designed to protect people, events, and data
  • Industry leading facilities, network, and hardware for optimal performance