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Epiq Recovery provides online collaboration and divestment tools and intelligence to boost revenues and retain value. The solution fully integrates, simplifies and automates investment recovery, covering the full cycle from planning and asset identification to redeployment, customer list management, promotion, divestment, invoicing, recycling, scrapping and evaluation. Moreover, Epiq Recovery enables your organization to:

  • boost divestment revenues and increase redeployment value retention
  • drive operational and regulatory compliance
  • improve collaboration and accelerate time-to-recovery
  • ensure best-practice continuous improvement in investment recovery

As the requirements for sustained profitability, regulatory compliance and risk management heighten, companies and organizations of all sizes must transform investment recovery by:

  • maximizing efficiency in order to free up and strategically refocus department resources on ever-present objectives of boosting asset revenue and retaining asset value
  • prevent noncompliance, errors, risks and unnecessary costs with streamlined, best-practice identification, redeployment and divestment processes

Companies and organizations can leverage the bottom-line impact of investment recovery by leveraging Epiq's focus, flexibility and rapid solution delivery to boost revenues and retain value.

Quickly transform your investment recovery operation by adopting a solution with advanced functionality and built upon a tightly integrated, yet modularly adopted, procurement platform. In sharp contrast to hype-driven, narrow niche vendors and slow-moving, unfocused ERP vendors, Epiq's exceptional characteristics displayed in this solution include:

  • Fast: quick results with a rapid deployment process, speedy adoption and freedom from complex implementation and maintenance. With an intuitive design and integrated support provided by a team of procurement experts, Epiq's investment recovery solution is adopted faster and maintained easily.
  • Agile: adapt with configuration and branding options and adopt with payment and deployment choices. Achieve investment recovery objectives by leveraging tools as cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) packages or as rapid-deploy applications.
  • Sustainable: loaded with advanced functionality to streamline complex investment recovery processes and liberated from the costs and burdens of complex installation and maintenance, Epiq's solution features seamless integration, expert services, prioritized support and interactive training.
  • Comprehensive: end-to-end, integrated functionality and expertise to support the needs of the most sophisticated buying organizations. Epiq Recovery covers the full investment recovery life cycle from planning and asset identification to redeployment, customer list management, promotion, divestment (ex. Order Capture, Negotiations, Online Auction Bidding Events, etc.), invoicing, recycling, scrapping and evaluation.