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Epiq offers a wide array of training expertise that can match the requirements, existing abilities, goals and budgets of its customers. Epiq offers standard training packages that have been developed through extensive interaction with customers and user feedback. Epiq also offers customized training programs that are targeted toward the unique needs of an individual organization or department. Epiq's training programs are available either in person or are remotely delivered.

Epiq's training expertise can help organizations realize more fully the following benefits:

  • Speed organizational roll-out of solutions
  • Boost overall company-wide adoption rate
  • Build internal expertise and knowledge
  • Develop repeatable, best practice, business processes
  • Maximize solution ROI
  • Boost collaboration with internal and external stakeholders
  • Reduce errors and mistakes
  • Leverage solution functionality and tools

For additional information on Epiq's training plans and options contact us.


Epiq consulting services are delivered by experts in a specific solution, area, or business process. These experts can work with a group, department, or function and can help in the following ways:

  • Enable an organization realize the benefits of a solution within that organization's existing structure and processes.
  • Implement best practices for a particular department or business function.
  • Design best practice, processes and templates that lead to repeatable success and excellence
  • Set up the solution to correspond to a company's business processes, techniques, and structures.
  • Establish tactics, strategies, and methodologies that will provide an organization with the foundation to succeed.

Managed Services

Epiq's provides managed services to help customers by fully managing specific projects or business functions. Often, these services are provided for a specific time period and are geared toward giving the customer the ability to run the function in-house. This will often entail transferring significant expertise and knowledge to the customer organization.

Spend Analysis

In order to make decisions on how to improve a process, deliver better results, or make something more efficient, an organization must have access to data that can be measured. Only when a company has measurable data can that company do analysis on the data to determine trends, changes, or opportunities. Epiq's spend analysis expertise can help a department or organization determine major spend categories and identify areas for improvement. Epiq's experts can then work with company personnel to develop a strategy for improvement, to take advantage of opportunities, or to create a corrective action plan.

Technical Services

Some customers require technical services to develop new functionality, connect to other applications, or change how a solution may work in order to match that company's business processes. Epiq's technical services team is experienced, knowledgeable, and familiar with the issues our customers often face. Our team uses this experience to deliver cost effective technical services that make our customer's jobs easier and deliver high ROI.


Epiq's support services are designed to exceed the needs, expectations, and requirements of our customers. We do this by maintaining our commitment to providing a timely resolution of customer issues, complaints, or problems. The goals of our support services are to minimize customer downtime, address issues rapidly, accelerate company-wide adoption, maximize solution benefits, and improve the overall user experience. Epiq help desk support and customer support are part of a comprehensive customer support plan.

Technical Help Desk

Epiq's technical help desk is designed to provide customers with the timely resolution of the issues that they require. Help desk staff are dedicated to providing dependable service and timely problem resolution. They are also committed to communicating and collaborating with our customers.

  • Easy Access: Customers can easily and quickly access the support team when they have an problem that needs to be addressed
  • Fast Response Time: Epiq service personnel are empowered to respond quickly to customer issues, get the right people working on the problem, and to communicate with the customer.
  • Quick Resolution: Many of the calls or emails to our customer support center are resolved within an hour of the report of the issue. We are committed to resolving customer issues rapidly.
  • Timely Follow-up: Once an issue addressed or a problem resolved, our support personnel or account manager will contact our customer to notify the customer of the status and how it was resolved.
  • Ongoing Communication: After a problem has been taken care of, account managers follow up with the customer to check to make sure that the resolution has addressed the issue that the customer has reported. Epiq's team also provides status on an patches or updates to solutions.
  • Collaboration: Epiq also frequently collaborates with its customers to help to determine its development path. Epiq's customers are important in determining the new functionality that we develop or area for enhancement.

Customer Support

Epiq's customer support team assists customers with questions on how to use the tools and provides clarification on documentation. Epiq's team is composed of personnel who have experience using the software and are experienced in addressing common customer issues and concerns.