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Epiq partners with leading companies across the globe to provide maximum benefit, value, and returns for customers. Epiq has three main partner types: service partners, technology partners, and marketing partners.


Epiq partners with service organizations that can apply our solutions to a specific organizational context, geographic area, or organizational situation. Many of our service partners can extend the capabilities of our solutions or can tailor these solutions to better match an organization's needs.

  • Consulting Partners: Many of our consulting partners are experts in business strategy, process management, analysis, best practices, and organizational structuring. These partners can deliver extra value with our solutions.
  • Training Partners: Most of our service partners are equipped to deliver training services and to assist in developing Epiq solution expertise within the organization.
  • Implementation Partners: These partners assist clients in the important solution implementation process. Implementation partners are often adept at solving technology adoption, process compatibility, and roll out issues.


Epiq uses industry leading technologies to develop, enhance, and deliver our solutions. Our technology partners and providers provide an important framework our success. For technology partners, we seek providers with the most advanced and well adopted technologies. We look for technology partners in the following areas:

  • Platform Technologies: We currently use the Java EE for building and delivering enterprise web solutions with service oriented architectures for our customers. We seek industry leading partners in hardware, software, and networking that can help us build and deliver these solutions.
  • Connective Technologies: While our solutions provide customers with a wide access to technology, markets, and people, we realize that some partners may be able to expand the capabilities of our solutions to our customers.
  • Complementary Technologies: We realize that we can not deliver all of the software that an organization requires. We are always looking for partners with complementary technologies that can be paired with our solutions to deliver more value to our customers and our partner's customers.


Epiq has a global network of marketing partners that market and deliver Epiq's solutions to customers. These marketing partners are located in many different countries and together have expertise in many different industries and business types.

To become a service, technology, or marketing partner, contact Epiq.