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Our solutions improve, transform, and accelerate the way that our customers do business. For over 10 years, we have relied on attracting talented people to build, deliver, enhance, and market these solutions to a wide base of customers and partners.

Join Us

We select only the most able, motivated, and creative people to be a part of our team. We are results-oriented and measure our success by the results of our customers and partners. We actively seek individuals who share this orientation. In addition, we look for people who:

  • Can develop creative approaches and solutions to problems
  • Enjoy improving the work and lives of customer personnel
  • Rise to the occasion when faced with a challenge
  • Thrive on achieving excellence and superior results
  • Master new technologies, skills, and techniques quickly
  • Like to work across multiple disciplines and business functions
  • Collaborate well with other people to develop innovative solutions
  • Like to work with smart, competent, and creative people


Epiq fosters a culture of excellence; our culture and people will determine the quality of our solutions and the results of our customers. To that end our culture:

  • Recognizes people as unique individuals with something to contribute
  • Involves a sense of community that values caring and exchange of ideas
  • Incorporates a wide range of technology and expertise
  • Encourages achievement by rewarding measurable performance
  • Facilitates personal growth through continuous learning and enrichment
  • Receives new ideas in the spirit of entrepreneurship
  • Creates ownership and sense of personal responsibility
  • Encourages creativity, problem solving, and new ideas

Work Environment

Epiq has a casual work environment that facilitates open communication and teamwork. While we have clearly defined goals, we also believe that work should be fun. We offer exciting projects and make every effort to ensure that our employees like what they do. In addition, encourage our employees to think creatively, make good decisions, and to be challenged by others.

How to Apply

If you are responding to a specific job posting, career fair, or recruiting event please select from the following locations in order to submit your resume.

General Questions

If you have a general question, you can email us: humanresources at