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Leverage Manage
  • Supplier self-registration, profile management, messaging, ratings history and notifications
  • Views for receipts, contract status, purchase orders, and change requests (with Epiq Purchasing)
  • Supplier view of invoices, billing information, and payment status (with Epiq Purchasing)
  • Online response to surveys, RFPs, RFQs and other sourcing events (with Epiq Sourcing)
Supplier enablement
  • Risk scoring and status tracking to measure and quantify the chance of poor performance
  • KPI capture for data like late shipments, returns, rejected units, and on time delivery
  • Supplier tracking for financial stress, capacity, customer service, and relationship quality
  • Comprehensive reconciliation and invoice matching after delivery (with Epiq Purchasing)
Supplier monitoring
  • Supplier ratings, scores, and changes for important measures of supplier quality
  • Predefined and configurable Key Performance Indicators to track supplier performace
  • Collaborative assessments and performace surveys to evaluate supplier execution
  • Balanced scorecarding and flexibile ratings for expanded supplier measurement
Supplier performance assessment
  • Supplier execution review management tools, searches and intuitive displays
  • Collaborative discussion tools for improvement plan development and management
  • Corrective action notifications and improvement plan alerts to assist suppliers
  • Easily definable and relevant metrics for supplier performance scorecards and evalutation
Supplier performance improvement
  • Comprehensive reporting and analysis on suppliers, performance, and metrics
  • Intuitive searches and advanced searches to quickly locate supplier data
  • Supplier dashboards with configurable screens, messaging, and real-time notifications
  • System roles to grant access based on supplier users, buyer groups, or companies
Visibility and dashboards
  • Solution set up, deployment, and configuration to correspond to performance goals
  • Buyer training with best practices, scorecard set up, and key metric definition
  • Supplier management, template creation, and establishment of performance indicators
  • Support for implementation, system roll-out to maximize company-wide adoption
Expertise and Support
  • Hosted, best-of-breed solution designed for internet delivery with web services
  • Multi-channel technical and help desk support to aid buyers with ratings
  • Secure architecture designed to protect suppliers, buyers, and performance data
  • Industry standard facilities, network, and equipment for optimal performance